No project is too big (or too small).

We delight in establishing and nurturing our relationships with entrepreneurs of all sizes to bring our shared visual goals to maturation. Below are a several examples of those partnerships and the fruits they bore:


We worked closely (and happily) with the team at Cause+Medic to establish a strong, iconic logo and associated visual identity. We then propagated the visual language we had established across a robust and varied line of CBD and THC-based skincare products.


We set out to create an alluring visual identity that would distinguish Uncle Pete's products from existing beeswax-based products.  With that goal in mind, the "bee king" and his entourage of bee pals were born.


We've been invited perennially to design Humanoid's ground-breaking "wake-surfer" line from the ground up.  These boards afford us an ideal canvas upon which to flex our illustration muscles.  The joy we find in the design of these boards is reflected in bodies of water the world over!

In addition to deck design, we've contributed to a wide variety of Humanoid's far-ranging auxiliary product line:

We've designed a whole constellation of material for our local heroes 3OH!3, including album covers, packaging layout, logos, web and social media-specific material, and a whole mess of merchandise.  A small sample below:

Finally, a small assortment of recently-created logos and word marks: